Saturday, April 27, 2013

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Introduction to Technology for Educators

The end of the semester has finally approached! After all the hard work, dedication, and stress put into this course, I can proudly say how thankful I am that I took this class. This class has helped prepare me for my future in educating.Teaching requires patience, guidence, and understanding, to reach each of your students in the most effective way, it is important to integrate technology into your lesson plans. While my time spent in this course was far too short, I had the opportunity to create a Teachers Webpage, which also included as our final project!

While in this class, I learned what it takes to be a phenomenal teacher. I was able to search within and figure out what type of teacher I was made to be.  There are mainly two teaching philosophies, Teacher-centered teaching and Student-centered teaching. I personally chose to focus on Student-centered teaching, which is also called "Constructivist", "Progressive", or "Problem-based teaching."
With the  help of the Web and its abundant amount of resources, creativity and individuality are able to shine bright within the classroom. I found that blogs and/or Wikis are a great amount of help when communicating with your students. With the help of technology, educators are able to reach their students in a unique and beneficial way!
Tools such as, creating a rubric, PowerPoint, WebQuest, and Webpage, are all packed with information throughout the book.

In closing, I originally was not planning on taking this course due to my lack of techy skills, but I am so glad I stuck with it! Without Transforning Learning with new Technologies I wouldn't nearly be as prepared as I am today for teaching!
Thank you all & Best Wishes!
Shelby Lundquist



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  1. It was fun to watch YOU transform in your learning via this online class! :) There are always so many things to learn [and so little time!], but truly this is just a start. I hope that you continue to forge the pathway to that career in teaching and that you have done in this class. Your sense of wonder, your strong work ethic and the ability to be resilient in the face of loss are all positive attributes that will take you far. Good luck!